Washington D.C -Day Four

Today was our last day at a service site. My group went to Martha’s Table. Martha’s Table actually took up an entire block in D.C. They had multiple buildings each one providing a different service. One building provided food for the homeless, one provided child care, and the one we worked out gave away clothing and household items. When we first got there we sorted clothes into mens/womens and then organized them by style of clothing (sweaters, dresses, pants, suits, etc.) Around noon we all took on a different role in the outfitters shop. I was in charge of assisting one of the staff members in checking people in. Every two months people can come in and get three outfits, a pair of shoes, socks and underwear, and one household item all for free. I helped her make sure that people were coming in on their appropriate date and then checked their bags after they finished shopping.

All of the shoppers were so grateful for their items and most of them did not take all of the items they could have. Some only took a coat if that was what they needed and if they didn’t need shoes, they didn’t take any.

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