Service Day 2: Washington D.C.

The second day of service was one of my favorites. YSOP put us in touch with Alex from Seabury, an organization focused on preventing and  helping the elderly who are experiencing homelessness. I liked that they not only helped those suffering, but also tried to prevent it. We did yard work and household chores for a lady in her 90s. The best part about the day was having a conversation with her. She was inspiring. During WW2 she worked as a wielder, building ships for the cause. She was a real Rosie the riveter, working in a male dominated field as a women of color. Now in her 90s she was trying to maintain a home that she had worked so hard for, while also caring for her sick and aging daughter. Vacuuming her house and trimming some hedges did not seem like much work after talking with her.

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