Service Day 1: Washington D.C.

The first service day my group traveled to a local church in the area around DuPont Circle, a well-to-do part of D.C. There we worked with Iona Senior Services to set up a free Farmers Market for senior citizens. The produce was donated by farmers who had odd shaped crops that could not be sold to grocery stores. I really liked that Iona prevented waste and still gave healthy choices.  I`m glad this was my first service location of the week because it changed my perspective. Not all of the individuals who participated in the Farmer`s market were experiencing homelessness. This was a nice part of town. Some of the clients had nice homes, but were now struggling and living solely off welfare checks. The varying situations that Iona`s clients were in showed the complexity of poverty. I also really enjoyed the group atmosphere. There was a feeling of family and investing in the relationships that the workers had formed with the senior citizens. Everyone was talkative and happy to be there, which was something I had not expected.

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