Day 1: Washington D.C.

Today is the day I have been anticipating for months. Ever since I joined ASB back in the fall semester I started picturing what our trip to D.C. would be like, and now that the day has come and gone I think it is safe to say that our trip will be incredible– beyond words even. We started our morning at YSOP HQ (aka a small church in D.C.) and we did a quick orientation. The workers of YSOP explained some guidelines and safety tips to get us through our week as well as a tentative schedule, but before they set us loose to our first worksite we had to write a note to ourselves for the end of the week. The prompt for the note was as follows; “The last time I saw a homeless person I felt…” and I answered by saying, “The last time I saw a homeless person I felt sorry for them. I wish there was something I could do.” Little did I know that less than 20 minutes after writing that note I would be arriving at Martha’s Table to prepare a meal for people in need of food that evening. At Martha’s Table it was my “team’s” job to peal potatoes… about 60 lbs. of potatoes. This may sound easy to the Average Joe, but I have never pealed anything in my life. After about three hours and two small cuts we finished our pealing duties and began cleaning our work area. Once we were done with the clean up the cook at Martha’s Table came out to thank us and remind us that even though we just were pealing potatoes, we were still preparing a meal that will feed so many. My first day of service was a great one and when I looked at my clock around 5:30 p.m. I knew somebody was enjoying a nutritious meal that I had a hand in making.


If you want to check out what Martha’s Table is all about please click on the following link: