D.C.-Service Day 2

Today we worked at the Central Area Food Bank. I was in a group tasked with separating the good food items from the bad. In order to make it into the ‘good’ food pile the package had to be unopened and had to have the ingredients listed. The food we sorted would then be redistributed to those in need. The most disappointing part of this task was to see how much usable food had to be thrown out due to the package being broken open, a can being dented, or ingredients being unlisted. Later in the evening we prepared, provided, and engaged in a dinner with the first 40 guests to arrive at the church YSOP is renting. This period of time, for me was breaking boundaries between stereotypes and reality among those living in a state of homelessness. Many times as parents and children are walking past a person who is homeless I have viewed parents pulling their children closer. All of the adults who attended the dinner played games and posed no danger to the 7th graders who joined us in our mission to provide a meal. A gentleman I spent the majority of my time communicating with told me how he used to drink socially in his home country, but that he never touched drugs. He also explained how he ended up essentially homeless in DC under circumstances out of his control. Each of these things was breaking a stereotype that many people hold. Today was really an eye opener and my favorite experience so far!

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