D.C. Day 2 – Capital Area Food Bank

It is day 2 in D.C. and today is going to be a long one. We started our morning by heading to the Capital Area Food Bank. The Capital Area Food Bank is one of the largest organizations in the D.C. area that is constantly working to fight back against hunger. With so many community organizations helping them with donations, they are able to help almost half a million people each year get access to healthy food. Our task of the day was to sort through and repackage boxes of snacks. Each box would later be distributed to families in need. I found myself thinking about how most of the snacks we were packaging were ones that I frequently eat as well. It is easy to forget that not everyone has access to these types of food.  Simple things such as granola bars and cookies are something that we tend to take advantage of having, but the receiving families will be so grateful for. Working at the food bank definitely made me appreciate the things that I have.

Later that evening we had our service meal with YSOP. This is where we prepared and served an entire meal to the first 40 guests who lined up outside of the church. We had the opportunity to work with a group of seventh graders from the GlenMount School. It was great to see the seventh graders so passionate about serving. My group was in charge of making the garlic bread for the meal. I loved getting the opportunity to talk to the other group members and it was great to see everyone excited for the meal that night. Before long it was 6:00 pm and the doors were ready to be opened for our guests. Instantly, we were greeted with smiles and hellos from everyone walking into the church. Once everyone was seated, we took their orders and began eating. I spent most of my time walking around the room to make sure everyone had plenty to drink. Everyone I talked to was so kind and it was so interesting to hear all of their stories. Everyone was so appreciative of what we had done for them. Before the dinner, I was a little nervous about how the night would go. I had never really interacted face-to-face with people experiencing homelessness. It was amazing to see how appreciative everyone was over the small amount that we had given them. I even watched as some of them asked if they could bring a meal to somebody they knew who wasn’t able to make it to the dinner that night, instead of keeping that meal for themselves. Today definitely exceeded all of my expectations.

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