Blog 3 – Rachel Roush

Everything on the trip was pretty exciting and new but being on the sail boat was probably one of the more fun things we did. I have been on a boat before but never a sail boat! It was good to relax and get to know everyone a little bit better after a long day [more…]

3/25/2015- Mrs. Jeanette’s House by Taylor

Today we went to do painting and garden work at Mrs. Jeanette’s house. Mrs. Jeanette gives back to her community in a huge way by making community gardens to teach people to grow some of their own produce to cut down on their food costs and live a healthier life style. She has 4 gardens [more…]

3/26/2015- Work at the Church by Taylor

Today it rained but that didn’t stop us from having projects to do. We first polished the wood in the sanctuary with furniture polish, then swept and mopped the floors, and vacuumed the carpet. We also swept and mopped the floor in the room where we met every morning. Lastly we helped paint wood panels [more…]

Sephrina Knorr – Blog #1

Early Wednesday morning, we began our day adventuring to West Point to work alongside locals to dig out a community garden that needed a major transformation if it was to be continued to be used to help the community. As I spoke with the head gardener throughout the day, I learned that the garden had [more…]

Sephrina Knorr – Blog #2

From only staying in NOLA for four days, this trip has definitely reformed my perspective on how I see and think about life. Hearing about devastated communities that are suffering from natural disasters definitely does not provide you the full justice of a situation. After given the blessing to live near locals and speak to [more…]

Photos from The Lower Ninth Ward

Sephrina Knorr – Blog #3

On Monday, we were blessed to go on a tour with a fantastic tour guide that was like a human encyclopedia of the past and the current facts of New Orleans. After he guided us through several parishes (districts), we ended the tour in the Ninth Ward. This area was hit the worst during the [more…]

Shea Zion – blog 3

I’ve taken a lot of vacations and I’ve definitely learned different things on each of them. The alternative spring break trip to New Orleans is, by far, the vacation I’ve learned the most on. I learned more than what they taught us on the tours or the tricks we learned during our volunteer hours. I [more…]