The Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico

On Thursday of our week long trip, we went to the Boys and Girls Club in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We started the day off by helping with some cleaning. The staff at the Boys and Girls Club were all so sweet and so thankful to have our help. We also assembled some office chairs for the club. The boys and girls club had a pizzeria to help establish some of the older children with skills necessary to run a small business. So we enjoyed some tasty pizza and then went for an afternoon walk around the neighborhood.
In the afternoon we had the opportunity to go see an elementary school in the neighborhood. We talked got to see a classroom, the gym, and the library. Finally the children started arriving to the club. They were so excited and all the staff greeted them with so much love and kindness. I spent the afternoon in the library. The language barrier was a bit challenging, but we still had so much fun with them. They helped us practice Spanish and we helped them work on their English. We colored pictures with them, read books, and played games. When we left one little girl hugged me like four times. It was one of the best hugs of all time, so sweet and so sincere. She squeezed me so tight! But all the children spent the afternoon laughing in a positive and safe environment and I feel so blessed to have been apart of their day!


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