CCI- Puerto Rico

Our trip to Puerto Rico was so phenomenal.  A big reason our trip was so successful is because it was so well planned out. CCI had everything flawlessly organized. Hector, our guide, was such an amazing person. He met us at their airport and made sure we were always where we needed to be. His wife made us homemade dinners every night. Some of the dinners were authentic Puerto Rican food so we really got to dive into the culture. The lighthouse that we were housed in was in a brilliant location, it felt like we were on top of the world. It had wonderful accommodations, was very clean, and we all felt extremely safe. Everyday we were surrounded by nature and culture. We did some great volunteer work but we also had so many fun things planned for us. We got to see so many aspects of Puerto Rico. From the Mediterranean culture is Old San Juan, to the rain forest, to touring the refuge and of course an entire day spent on the ocean on our last day. We grew pretty fond of the iguanas that were EVERYWHERE! The fish were so brightly colored and the coral was breathtaking. It was a once in a lifetime week!

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