Puerto Rico 3/26/15 – 3/27/15 – 3/28/15

Thursday March 26, 2015

We woke up early so we could go to the mall real quick to do our last bit of souvenir shopping. We then went to the Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico where we did some cleaning for a while. They had a pizzeria in there were they teach kids how to run their own business, so we ate delicious pizza for lunch. After lunch we put together office chairs. After that, they didn’t have anything else for us to do, so we all took a walk around the area. When we came back to the boys and girls club, there was a lady who was going to the neighboring elementary school, so we went with her. The school was really nice and the kids were sweet. After that, we came back to the boys and girls club and got to play and interact with the kids! It was amazing! Even though there was a language barrier, we were still able to communicate in other ways and have a blast! I did not want to leave at all!! After that, we came back to get ready for supper that Hector brought for us!

Friday March 27, 2015

Today we woke up and got ready for our catamaran trip! Our catamaran could hold up to 49 people and there ended up being around 37 people, so it was crowed, but fun! We docked at a key to practice snorkeling and then came back on the catamaran for lunch that they prepared for us! We then went to another key that was private and stopped by a coral reef. We all snorkeled near the coral reef and saw tropical fish! It was absolutely amazing!! We came back around 3:30 where Hector picked us up to take us back to the lighthouse. We all showered up, packed, and waited for supper.


Saturday March 28, 2015

Bittersweet day. We loaded up Hector’s vehicle and went to the airport. We made it to Miami and had a 5 1/2 hour layover where we ate and relaxed. Then we had our fight for Kansas City and we made it back to Maryville be around 11:00 pm that night.


This trip was amazing and I did not want it to end. I would go back to Puerto Rico in a heartbeat! The people were so wonderful there and we all made so many memories! I didn’t experience any culture shock. I learned and gained so much from this trip! I am so thankful that I was able to participate in the service work that they had lined up for us and to work with a wonderful group of girls!


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