Puerto Rico 3/24/15 – 3/25/15

Tuesday March 24, 2015

We woke up in good time so we could meet Eduardo and Carlos. We went on a tour and learned about our lighthouse, the rocky beach and all about the mangrove trees and how to identify the different species of them. We came back for our lunch break and then when with a group of Puerto Ricans, who were so nice, to build benches for an outdoor ecological classroom. We had to build these benches all my hand and with no power tools except for the electric saws. We were hammering around 3 inch hurricane-resistant nails into treated, weathered wood, and it was hard work! I was so thankful that the men were so patient because I kept messing up my nails, and instead of getting mad and doing it for me, these men helped me fix my messed up nails, so I could finish what I started! These men were also hilarious, especially Carlos, who said that he loves to make mistakes, because that’s how he learns! After our service project, we went to the ocean! It was so beautiful and the water was so clear! After the ocean, we got ready for supper that was brought by Hector!


Wednesday March 25, 2105

We got up in good time so we could meet Eduardo so we could go on a long walk to get to a dry forest. Once we finally got there, we measured out 50 meters and identified and measured every tree that was within 1 meter on both sides of our measuring tape. It was very interesting learning about the different species of trees. After that project, we came back to the lighthouse for lunch and then went back to the area where we were at yesterday to finish building our benches. After those were all built, we picked up trash from a beach. It was a beautiful beach and Carlos taught us a lot about the species living in the sandstone and so forth. After that, we went to the beach for a little while, but had to leave early because there was a wedding and because we were tired. We came back to the lighthouse and got ready for supper that Hector brought us.

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