Sephrina Knorr – Blog #3

On Monday, we were blessed to go on a tour with a fantastic tour guide that was like a human encyclopedia of the past and the current facts of New Orleans. After he guided us through several parishes (districts), we ended the tour in the Ninth Ward. This area was hit the worst during the Katrina Hurricane. Even several years after the natural disaster, the neighborhood has yet to fully recovery. With the help of a celebrity, the ‘Make It Right’ foundation was put into place to help families from this neighborhood, but of course, families have to meet all the requirements to qualify for a Make It Right House. From provided chance to personally see the area, the neighborhood still looks very sad with only a few families currently living there. The sight definitely gets you to thinking how this part of the community hasn’t been given the helping hand to get back on its feet. It encourages me to want to reach out to people in these kind of situations and find ways that I could possibly help them be one step closer of putting their ducks back in row.

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