Sephrina Knorr – Blog #2

From only staying in NOLA for four days, this trip has definitely reformed my perspective on how I see and think about life. Hearing about devastated communities that are suffering from natural disasters definitely does not provide you the full justice of a situation. After given the blessing to live near locals and speak to them every day about their personal life experiences gives me more of a clear eye that New Orleans is still greatly suffering several years after Katrina hit. It is a crazy thought that the city or state hasn’t put in more effort to offer a helping hand to its people. The locals that still proudly live in their communities love their city, but I’m not sure if they are feeling that love back. With the presence of us Bearcats being there willingly to put our energy towards helping the New Orleans locals during our own spring break shows that there are young caring people out there willing to take time out of their busy lives to lend a hand to people in communities that need that little push to get back on their feet. As I work back into my daily routine, I’ll keep the personal experiences and bonds that I have created during this trip in the front of my mind using it as a reminder on how it feels to make a difference in other people’s lives in another community. That even the smallest gestures can brighten a person’s day. Each person has their own life story of what they have survived through, and we should be grateful for what we have. I will share the good, the bad, and the ugly to when people ask how I spent my spring break just so they can get a feel of what an experience I have gained and am willing to do again.

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