Sephrina Knorr – Blog #1

Early Wednesday morning, we began our day adventuring to West Point to work alongside locals to dig out a community garden that needed a major transformation if it was to be continued to be used to help the community. As I spoke with the head gardener throughout the day, I learned that the garden had been passed through many hands to provide multiple purposes from a learning experience for students to donating back to the local restaurants. In between the last passing of the ownership, the garden’s appearance developed into a messy jungle instead of well-kept garden. The head gardener went on to explain how she plans to reform the garden with the help of a new group of neighborhood volunteers that are excited to be a part of the life of the garden. A few starting out as garden newbies while others contain the need to continue their gardening skills.

In just a day’s work, I was able to see a big difference our Northwest man power was to accomplish that the locals may have taken several days to do without our helping hands. I believe we surprised the locals on how dedicated we were to be there with them ready to get down and dirty to get them another step closer to their dream. They definitely needed that nudge to get the transformation process going. I feel blessed to have the chance to meet the locals and getting to know them while giving back to them at the same time.  It gives them that extra light that there’s people out there willing to take time out of their daily lives to help them on neighborhood projects no matter how dirty you’ll get by the end of the day.

The photos attached are from the group of us who volunteered to take on the Garden Transformation challenge.


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