Blog 2 – Angela McKim

On the third day of this trip I got the opportunity to work in a community garden in Alger’s Point. This community garden is just now getting rebuilt from hurricane Katrina. The point of this garden is to provide fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs for the individuals of that community. There were vines all over the fencing so we worked hard to remove those as well as moved cinder blocks to help create raised garden beds. This was a really cool project to work on. The site looked entirely different at the end of the day. Seeing such a difference was a really rewarding feeling. While working on this project we got the opportunity to meet this really nice woman named Pam. She had lived in multiple different areas and decided that New Orleans was where she wanted to be. She owns her own Bed and Breakfast as well as a yoga studio. She used to run a landscape company and she said that being able to give back to her community through this garden was something she really enjoyed. Pam was very knowledgeable and seemed very passionate about restoring this garden for the benefit of her community. Through out the day our wheel barrow developed a flat tired and she was able to solve the problem within five minutes by simply asking her neighbor to use his air pig. It was really cool to see how hospitable and friendly southerners are with their neighbors. That is not something you see as much in the Midwest. After the long day of gardening we got to visit Kat’s grandparents and take their sail boat out on lake Ponchatrain. I had never been sail boating before so that was an exciting experience! Being able to see central city and then work in the nicer part of New Orleans was interesting to view the different ways of living in one city. If I were to grow up and live like Kat’s grandparents or Pam I would live a very happy life. 

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