CCI- Puerto Rico

Our trip to Puerto Rico was so phenomenal.  A big reason our trip was so successful is because it was so well planned out. CCI had everything flawlessly organized. Hector, our guide, was such an amazing person. He met us at their airport and made sure we were always where we needed to be. His [more…]

An Ecological Classroom in Puerto Rico

Several of our days in Puerto Rico were spent working on building benches for an outdoor ecological classroom. We worked with a crew that had been working on the classroom. We spent our time hammering and cutting wood. This was new to a lot of us. It was hard work and there were a lot [more…]

The Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico

On Thursday of our week long trip, we went to the Boys and Girls Club in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We started the day off by helping with some cleaning. The staff at the Boys and Girls Club were all so sweet and so thankful to have our help. We also assembled some office chairs [more…]

Puerto Rico 3/22/15 – 3/23/15

Sunday, March 22, 2015 Woke up early to meet Brenda to go to the KC airport where we would meet the rest of the group. We all made it to the airport and everything went smoothly. Both flights going to Puerto Rico were fine and we made it to Puerto Rico in good time. We [more…]

Puerto Rico 3/24/15 – 3/25/15

Tuesday March 24, 2015 We woke up in good time so we could meet Eduardo and Carlos. We went on a tour and learned about our lighthouse, the rocky beach and all about the mangrove trees and how to identify the different species of them. We came back for our lunch break and then when [more…]

Puerto Rico 3/26/15 – 3/27/15 – 3/28/15

Thursday March 26, 2015 We woke up early so we could go to the mall real quick to do our last bit of souvenir shopping. We then went to the Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico where we did some cleaning for a while. They had a pizzeria in there were they teach kids how [more…]

Kaitlyn Petr – Blog 3

On Thursday we spent time painting pictures on pieces of wood. Theses slabs would be eventually cover the windows/doorways of the houses that no longer had them. I was really surprised when the Director talked about what he found inside those houses when he was doing a walk through. While people are trying to fix [more…]

Blog 2 – Angela McKim

On the third day of this trip I got the opportunity to work in a community garden in Alger’s Point. This community garden is just now getting rebuilt from hurricane Katrina. The point of this garden is to provide fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs for the individuals of that community. There were vines all over [more…]

Blog 2 – Rachel Roush

One of the events that probably impacted me the most was going to the lower ninth ward. People don’t really understand how lucky they are, especially me. I take my life and all the things in it for granted. Seeing all the destroyed houses and spaces where houses used to stand really made me think. [more…]

Blog #1- Taylor Hill-Zweifel

Tuesday-3/24/2015Today we did demolition on a house that caught on fire. We learned that the woman who owned the house lost her only daughter and her dog in the fire. It was a harsh reality to see that one day you could have your loved ones and all of your belongings and the next it [more…]