Shea Zion-Blog 1

The first day of volunteer work, our group was assigned to a demolition job. The house had been badly damaged by a fire 3 months prior. The owner of the house lost her daughter and dog in the fire. A moment that impacted me the most was when we were clearing out the bathroom and [more…]

Blog 1- Selina Talmadge

The first day we arrived was unlike anything I ever imagined. Being in Maryville, we are used to everything we are constantly around. We don’t realize what’s happening outside in the rest of the world. As we were gutting a house, I was able to experience a very heartbreaking moment. This house was in a [more…]

Blog 1-Kaitlin Guffey

I’ve come to New Orleans twice before but never have I felt this connected with the city and its people. My first two days of work took place at a home that the United Saints had first helped to repair after Katrina. We were working there now because this same home was destroyed in a [more…]

Wednesday in New Orleans

Today I got to help clean up and clear out an all organic garden. The garden needed to be redone so they could start building all of the new materials and growing the new plants. To do this everyone helped do a variety of different jobs including: pulling weeds, digging up plants to replant, digging [more…]


Tuesday we worked at Ms. Jeanette’s house. We worked on priming the exterior of the house, so it would be ready to be painted. I mainly worked on priming around the windows and doors on one of the balconies. Ms. Jeanette helps with several community gardens all around New Orleans. She is a very kind [more…]


Today we worked at a community garden in the West Bank part of New Orleans. This garden is currently being redesigned to make it more convenient for the community. In the garden we tackled several different jobs. I spent the first part of my time there digging out banana trees. The second half of our [more…]

Wednesday in New Orleans

Today was the hottest day of the trip so far. The sun was shining for most of the day! I worked on chipping and repainting the railing on one of the United Saints’ buildings. This was not such a fun job to do in the sun. As we were working our site supervisor would come [more…]

Tuesday in New Orleans

Being in New Orleans so far working with the United Saints organization has been an incredible experience. Today was our second day of volunteer work. I spent my time gutting the inside of a home which had been badly burned. During the house fire the home owner unfortunately lost her daughter and her dog. As [more…]


Monday was a very busy day! For the first half of the day my group worked scraping paint off of railings on the fence outside the apartments we are staying at this week. United Saints is housing 68 volunteers in these apartments this week alone. It is really inspiring to me that they are able [more…]

About Community Collaborations International

        Community Collaborations International is a program that organizes teams of volunteers from universities and colleges across the country and put them to work where help is needed.      Community Collaborations International was founded in 1994 and has managed over 5,000 volunteers from over 70 universities and other groups providing disaster relief [more…]