Shea Zion blog

One of the things I’ve liked best about this trip are the personal stories that NOLA citizens have told. We’ve had the chance to speak to several people who’ve been able to tell us their version of Hurricane Katrina. Our volunteer leader told us his story about having to come back and get whatever wasn’t [more…]

Selina Talmadge Blog 2

Wow! What a great last couple of days. So many exciting and new experiences have occurred and I feel so blessed because of them. Tuesday we worked on the burned house. This part of the house project has almost come to a close. It is very rewarding, yet sad to see what came out of [more…]

Zach Ragan Blog 1

On Tuesday March 24th, part of our group went to Ms. Janette’s house to scrap and paint different parts of the house. Ms. Janette is very active throughout the community, so United Saints decided it was time someone did something for her. I enjoyed learning about the history of her house and being able to [more…]

Kaitlyn Petr

On Monday we spent the day at the house that had just been finished being rebuilt when it experienced a horrible fire. In this fire, the woman lost more than just her home she lost her child and her dog. While at this projected we gutted the inside of her home. We were told to [more…]

Monday, March 23rd Kara German

The first day on site for this year was at Ms.Moten’s house. This was a demolition of a house that the United Saints had previously helped to build. About three months ago, the house caught fire, taking the lives of Ms. Moten’s college aged daughter and her dog. To be able to help rebuild the [more…]

Blog #3 Kaitlin Guffey

On our final work day with United Saints it was raining so our projects were limited. One of the very interesting projects that we were able to work on in the comfort of the church was a painting project. United Saints often has to board up houses so that squatters can’t get in. They believe [more…]

Angela McKim Blog 1

The first few days of this trip have been a wonderful experience. On our first work day I was assigned to help gut a woman’s house. This particular house was rebuilt by United Saints a few years ago after Hurricane Katrina and is now being worked on after a devastating fire. The owner of this [more…]

Blog #2 Kaitlin Guffey

On the third day of our stay in New Orleans, I visited a community garden in the West Bank area. This garden was originally run by the school then the lot was owned by an older woman in the area and she converted it to a community garden. This garden was organized in a way [more…]

Rachel’s blog

On the very first day of volunteering we were assigned a project to work on. Our first project was a lady’s house that had burned down a few months ago to what they think was caused by electrical problems. Not only was her house burned and she lost all her material things, she lost her [more…]

Blog 1 Abby Snyder

The man in the “selfie” picture with me is Kone. He took us on a tour of New Orleans and talked a lot about the history and culture. He grew up here and at one point moved to California. When Hurricane Katrina hit, he moved back. The one thing that stuck out the most was [more…]