Kara German Blog 3

On Wednesday, Kaitlyn, Jessica and I chose to stay behind and paint the railings of the church. To be completely honest, I was not terribly excited about staying behind and doing this, but in the end I am glad that I did, because I learned a lot about the ways that I think, versus the way that you have to think when you are doing volunteer work. When sanding down the railings, I was getting sick of it. I knew that it would be much easier to just go through and sandblast everything,  but when Bill, the site supervisor, and I were talking, he explained that we do it the way that we do because there is not the money in the budget for a sandblaster, and that doing it by hand means that we know we got every spot. I also wondered why we were not using spray paint, and this was also a cost variable. While I know I would have considered these things if I was going to the store, I probably would have bought the more expensive option just to get it done quickly, but in volunteer work, it is better to just slow down and enjoy what you are doing, this way the final project you can truly be proud of. I don’t want to say that this was a new concept to me, but I had definitely not ever put it into terms like this before!

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