Kara German Blog 2

On Tuesday, I got the pleasure of not only working on Ms. Jeanette’s house, but the chance to speak with her as well. One of the most interesting things that I learned was that you should get a primer that has a shade of the color you are wanting to paint in it, because if it is a bright color like the peachy color that this house was going to be, it would help blend it in and not take quite so many coats. I also got to talk with Mara while I was painting, who was a long time volunteer with the United Saints from Kansas City, Mo! This was fun for me, because she has volunteered in a lot of different place, and I loved hearing all of the stories she had about the different places she had seen, and listening to her talk about how she really found herself through all of the work that she had been doing. We also figured out that we both ride the same breed of horses, and probably saw each other at horse shows a few years back! After painting for a while, I switched jobs and went up with Ms. Jeanette to help wash and place bay leaves in bags to be donated to schools. Ms. Jeanette was really an awesome lady. She had 4 community gardens that she maintains because she wants people to see that you can grow your own fruits and vegetables, and it saves a lot of money. The most important lesson that I took away from Ms. Jeanette’s was her school gardens. She grows a community garden outside of the school so that the children can see that they can grow and maintain a garden, and then cook something with what they have grown. I loved seeing this, as I am an education major, because that is something that I want to do in the district that I end up in.


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