Jessica Triplett blog 3

Our trip has now come to an end and I cannot explain how humbled and grateful I am for this experience. I was able to lend my hand in helping those who are in need and do so with a group of great people. My eyes were opened by so much I saw, that I did not know existed. When we visited the lower ninth ward and were told how high the water from Katrina actually rose, it really hit home. I have no idea what I would do had I been in that situation. Having this realization made the work that I was doing that much more important to me. Not only was I able to volunteer, but also get a taste of the NewOrleans culture as well as history. We took three tours that represented different kinds of the city’s historical culture. The first was the social justice tour which was when we had the opportunity to explore the lower ninth ward and the levees which had not been able to contain Katrina’s waters. Then we went on a ghost tour in the French quarter where we got a glimpse at the superstitions and beliefs which have been attached to New Orleanians since the city was founded. The last tour we went on was a guided exploration of Oak Alley plantation which gave us an accurate account of what life was like in early Louisiana. Overall my time in New Orleans was well spent, and flew by. I cannot wait to get back home and apply the newfound knowledge and mindset I have gained while working with our ASB group.

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