Jennifer Runde

Blog 1

The first project we did was demolishing a burned down house. I knocked down drywall, shoveled up debre, and carried trash to the dumster. The one thing I will remember from that day is when I was helping carry out a melted bathtub. A gentleman from across the street saw us and asked if he could have it because he didn’t have one. I’ve never really thought about where I will be taking a shower or what to do if I didn’t even have one. That was a eye opening experience.

Blog 2
Another project we did was helping paint a house. This house was really interesting because at the back of the house there was a stairway that lead up to the old slave quarters. The lady how owned the house also had a lot of stories to share.

Blog 3
The last project I did was a community garden. I never realized that gardening was so hard! I helped clean up a plot of land that was before a “jungle” according to the ladies that were helping us. I helped dig up a banana tree, de-vine fences, and build a cinder block raised garden. This project will help out the community by giving them fresh fruits and vegetables!

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