Monday, March 23rd Kara German

The first day on site for this year was at Ms.Moten’s house. This was a demolition of a house that the United Saints had previously helped to build. About three months ago, the house caught fire, taking the lives of Ms. Moten’s college aged daughter and her dog. To be able to help rebuild the house, it needed to be gutted. To do so, we worked in many different ways. There was a crew going around picking purpose nails with a magnet, a crew pulling down sheet rock, a group pulling up nails, a group sweeping, and a crew just generally pulling things down. During the project, I did the majority of these jobs. This project really made me think about what I would do if I encountered something this horrible. I do not think that I would or could be willing to move back into the house again. What really surprised me is that Chris, our on-site supervisor, told us that we needed to cut out the wires, because people would come in and steal the copper. This surprised me only because this is a very common thing in the Midwest, and I guess I just didn’t realize that this happens nationwide.

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