Blog #3 Kaitlin Guffey

On our final work day with United Saints it was raining so our projects were limited. One of the very interesting projects that we were able to work on in the comfort of the church was a painting project. United Saints often has to board up houses so that squatters can’t get in. They believe in adding some color, art, and New Orleans personality to these houses rather than just letting them look like sad boarded up houses. To do this, we helped paint many panels that will go over doors and windows. Many of the panels that will cover windows were painted as windows with a silhouette of a man playing a trumpet or a jester juggling. These panels captured the New Orleans feel to make the run down houses look beautiful and full of life. The door panels were painted as beautiful doors that had pretty door knockers or flowers growing up the door. One door even have a 4 foot tall fleur de lis with Mardi Gras beads draped over it.

                While at first this project seemed silly I came to realize that this is a great idea. The communities of New Orleans are so vibrant and full of life that see a rundown home is very saddening. When United Saints uses these panels to board up houses, I’m sure that the community is happy to see these beautiful panels and have the house still bring a great character to the area. I think that this project represents the idea of making the best of every situation. United Saints goes out of their way to make the communities the best that they can be and even when houses must be boarded up for any reason, they make the best of the situation by painting beautiful scenes on the panels. This inspired me to do the same in my life. I hope that in the future I can take a difficult situation and see the beauty in it as they are doing with these houses. I have been very humbled and inspired while working with United Saints this week and I hope that they are able to continue helping this community for many years to come.

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