Angela McKim Blog 1

The first few days of this trip have been a wonderful experience. On our first work day I was assigned to help gut a woman’s house. This particular house was rebuilt by United Saints a few years ago after Hurricane Katrina and is now being worked on after a devastating fire. The owner of this house lost more than her home in this fire, she lost her dog and her daughter. Being able to work on a project that impacted someones life so dramatically was a very different experience. The work needed to be done but destroying something is less rewarding than fixing and improving a project. Luckily on day 2 I got to help on Ms. Jenette’s home. Ms. Jenette is a really wonderful woman. She shared stories of her college years and her different experiences that have impacted her life while I helped her prepare bay leaves for donation. The bay leaves were being donated to a group of chefs that donate their time to a local elementary school fundraiser. The school has a garden program where the children learn how to garden, harvest, and prepare herbs, fruits, and vegetables while at school. Teaching children how to do these things is an effort to encourage nutrition importance and healthier choices. Being able to help Ms. Jenette and listen to her stories was very enriching. She really conveyed a different culture to me that I had never heard of or experienced before. With Ms. Jenette being of a different race than I it was a good opportunity to hear about the way things used to be and how that racial difference affected her throughout her life. Chatting with Ms. Jenette is not something I will forget. She is one of the most giving and selfless people I have ever met and deserves this help to revive her home to its full beauty.

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