Monday was a very busy day! For the first half of the day my group worked scraping paint off of railings on the fence outside the apartments we are staying at this week. United Saints is housing 68 volunteers in these apartments this week alone. It is really inspiring to me that they are able to have so many people here volunteering and helping out at one time. While scraping paint off the fence wasn’t the most fun job, it will make the railings look much better when the paint is put on.

The next thing we did was go on a traveling social justice tour. This tour took us all around the city. We learned a lot about the history and culture. The tour took us to the Lower Ninth Ward. This ward was hit the hardest during Hurricane Katrina. Some places there was 30 feet of water on the ground after Katrina. It was so sad to see all the empty lots and places where there is just a concrete slab where a house used to be. Something really cool in the Lower Ninth was the “Make It Right” homes that Brad Pitt helped get started. The floor in these homes is made so that if there is a flood the house will float, like a boat. These homes have allowed some to return to living in their old community. The tour also took us by the Tomb of the Unknown Slave and many other places around the city.

We finished the day at the French Quarter. This was a very interesting place to be. We saw some street peeformers, ate beignets, and souvenir shopped.

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