About United Saints Recovery Project


  •      United Saints is a volunteer-based nonprofit organization that is working to restore homes and hearts of communities affected by natural disasters. The mission is to aide communities that have suffered damages from natural disasters, help residents return to their homes, improve their quality of life, and strengthen their communities. United Saints does this work with the help of local, national, and international volunteers.
  •      United Saints was formed in New Orleans in 2007. It was developed  because of the need of assistance following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005 and some of the homes and buildings have still not been rebuilt.
  •      United Saints yearly goal is work on and restore 55 homes a year. United Saints mainly focuses on home repair for homeowners that are either elderly, disabled or are not financially or physically able to complete the repairs themselves.
  •      The United Saints Recovery Project also responds to regional disasters, when they are able. They have also responded to help after Hurricane Gustav in Houma, LA, Tornadoes in Tuscaloosa, AL, and Hurricane Isaac in LaPlace, LA.

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