Jessica Triplett blog 3

Our trip has now come to an end and I cannot explain how humbled and grateful I am for this experience. I was able to lend my hand in helping those who are in need and do so with a group of great people. My eyes were opened by so much I saw, that I [more…]

Kara German Blog 3

On Wednesday, Kaitlyn, Jessica and I chose to stay behind and paint the railings of the church. To be completely honest, I was not terribly excited about staying behind and doing this, but in the end I am glad that I did, because I learned a lot about the ways that I think, versus the [more…]

Kara German Blog 2

On Tuesday, I got the pleasure of not only working on Ms. Jeanette’s house, but the chance to speak with her as well. One of the most interesting things that I learned was that you should get a primer that has a shade of the color you are wanting to paint in it, because if [more…]

Jennifer Runde

Blog 1 The first project we did was demolishing a burned down house. I knocked down drywall, shoveled up debre, and carried trash to the dumster. The one thing I will remember from that day is when I was helping carry out a melted bathtub. A gentleman from across the street saw us and asked [more…]

Kerrigan Adwell Blog 3

Since being in New Orleans I have gotten to see and experience many new things. One place I got to visit was the lower ninth ward. This was where Katrina hit the worst and where the least amount of reconstruction was done afterwards. While being there I got to see many of the houses that [more…]

Kerrigan Adwell Blog 2

Today I got to help clean up and clear out an all organic garden. The garden needed to be redone so they could start building all of the new materials and growing the new plants. To do this everyone helped do a variety of different jobs including: pulling weeds, digging up plants to replant, digging [more…]

Selina Talmadge Blog 3

As sad as I am that this trip with Alternative Spring Break has come to an end, I can’t help but smile. I may sound like a broken record, but this trip has changed my life and been one that I will certainly never ever forget. Wednesday we were able to ride Kat’s grandparents sailboat [more…]

Blog 2 Abby Snyder

This picture was taken at one of the community gardens we helped out with. The head gardener told us that when she took over it was “like a jungle” and needed a lot of work. We don’t have a before shot, but TRUST ME when I say it looks like a completely different garden compared [more…]

Kaitlyn Petr Blog 2

On Tuesday we went to Miss Janette’s house. While we were there we repainted the window frames and we scraped paint from the window panes that had old paint. I really enjoyed this experience. I got to talk to Miss Janette and learn some new experiences. For example what touched me the most are her [more…]

Zach Ragan Blog 2

On Wednesday March 25th, we went to an organic community garden. They had many projects set up for us that day including: clearing vines from fences, uprooting banana trees, moving bricks, leveling the ground, and digging trenches. The plan for this garden was to make raised beds to utilize space and not have to deal [more…]