YSOP New York

I am finally home after a long day of traveling from New York back to good ole Missouri. The trip was amazing, and I could not image doing anything else for my Spring Break. This week I have learned so much. The two words I can describe this week would be inspiring and meaningful. The [more…]

last day here!

we started out the day touring central park. it was absolutely gorgeous, I could of spent all day there because its so relaxing and peaceful and people aren’t crowding you all the time. then we went to times square to shop and eat. I ate at the hard rock cafe and it was amazing and [more…]

Last Day!

Today we went to Central Park and walked around.  After that we went to Time Square and ate at Hard Rock Cafe.  The icing on the cake was Top of The Rock.  It was so far up that my ears popped as we were going up the elevator!  This was the perfect day to bring [more…]

Workday #4

Yesterday for our final workday we went to Trinity Lutheran Church and helped serve lunch.  As soon as we got there we started cutting potatoes and bagging onions.  As soon as all of the guests arrived I was on tray duty.  I wiped down all of the trays after people were finished eating.  After all [more…]

the overall experience

the trip overall was absolutely amazing, I loved being able to make a difference in New York by volunteering. it was definitely eye opening seeing what the homeless have to go through every single day and it makes you feel blessed for what you have. I loved being able to sight see. I got to [more…]