Day 1 of Volunteering

Today my group volunteered at a church food pantry and stocked bags of food, onions, and bread. I wish we could of served food to the homeless but I’m still glad we made a difference. I was shocked to know that people come to get food for free and sell it for money. That makes [more…]

Work Day at Immaculate Conception

Today my group worked at a soup kitchen at Immaculate Conception church in the Bronx. It was a great experience and it was great to see how appreciative the people were. There were so many more people than I thought there would be and the quality of the food was much better than I thought [more…]

Work Site Day 1

Today I worked at the St. Johns Bread & Life. I had a really good experience! I am not sure what my full expectations were, but I was pleasantly surprised with how nice everyone was. I guess I kind of assumed that the people who work there would not really enjoy their job, but they [more…]

Immaculate Conception

Today was day 1 of work and my group worked in a soup kitchen in a church. Going into day I had the thought that we were going to serving hundreds of people and the food was going to be gross looking, np but the experience today was the complete opposite. We helped serve a [more…]

1st Work Day- Monday

Today my group worked at More Grace Food Pantry.  Before we got there I expected to be working with more people.  We bagged food, onions, and bread for people to pick up Tuesday from 11-1.  What really surprised me was some people will take their bag then go and sell it on the street for cash.  [more…]

Day 2: Monday-Bread & Life

Today I was in a an area that was out of my comfort zone. I didn’t know anyone and they didn’t know me. When we found YSOP I didn’t expect such a warm welcoming from the people. Lisa’s (the director of YSOP) was so friendly and quirky and made me feel even more ready to [more…]

Grace Ministry Food Pantry

Today I went to a food pantry to help package food. I didn’t really have any expectations. The only expectation probably was thinking I would be serving people. Instead, we packaged food, a lot of food! I was so surprised at how much food was donated, and the amount of work the women did every [more…]

Day 2, Monday

Today was the first day to work with YSOP. My group went to work at the St. Johns Bread & Life Soup Kitchen in Brooklyn. Bread & Life offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday, as well as other free services, like taxes and legal help. I helped prepare food and clean the kitchen and dining [more…]

Workday #1 – More Grace Food Pantry

Today my group worked at More Grace Food Pantry. We packed up bags of food containing enough food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They pack up all the food on Monday and distribute it on Tuesday between 11-1pm. All the food that is received is through donations. They say they normally serve 150-200 people a [more…]

Food Bank of New York City!

Today, me and my group had a wonderful experience at the food bank in the Bronx. We packaged food for the homeless and hungry and I think our help was very much appreciated. An interesting fact that I learned today is that 1/5 New Yorkers are homeless and hungry and also that the food bank [more…]