Workday #2

On Tuesday my group went to St. James soup kitchen.  We packed shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, lotion, toothpaste, and tooth brushes.  After we packed toiletries we helped set up for lunch.  We served the guests restaurant style which I think made the experience a lot more special for the guests.  The environment was relaxing [more…]

Day 2 of Volunteering

Today we went straight to our work sites and my group went to St. James Cathedral . The church was completely gorgeous and the volunteers that helped at the church were really nice. At first I filled bags with toiletries and then served food to the guests. I loved knowing were in the upper east [more…]

Worksite Day 2

Today my group went to the Newman United Methodist Church and had another great experience! They have a food pantry and run a soup kitchen in the church. We helped with the soup kitchen while we were there. Almost all the workers are ushers at the church. Since we were out and about serving and [more…]

New York Pantry

Today my group worked at the food pantry in Harlem. Tuesday is their one day of the week they have to prepare for the rest of the well when they give out food to 2,000 families in need. Tuesday is the say the get their shipment so we helped them date boxes, rotate the boxes [more…]

Another Amazing Day!

I feel like our group is getting spoiled with the sites we’ve gone to. Both places have been wonderful. Today we worked at another soup kitchen, but this time we got the chance to interact with more of the people in need. Everyone was so friendly–workers, the people coming in for meals, everyone. Ms. Cortuse [more…]

Day 3, Tuesday

Today my group worked at Newman’s Methodist Church, which is a soup kitchen and bed and breakfast. I helped serve breakfast and lunch. Everyone there was so friendly and nice. I was surprised to learn that many of the people that came in for food had jobs. Looking forward to tomorrow!

St. James Church Dinner

Today we went and volunteered at St. James Church. Every week they have a Tuesday lunch where they serve those in need. Most of their guests are those who have housing and can’t afford food. The people we work with were really nice and really made us feel like we belonged. This soup kitchen surprised [more…]

Post from Zach!

We started our day with an orientation at YSOP learning about homelessness around New York. From there, we went to worksites where my group helped bag food for the More Grace Food Pantry. Before leaving today, my expectations were being able to help in some way. I thought we were going to be able to [more…]

Food Bank of New York

Today has been an adventure! My group and I got to work at the food bank and package food up to be delivered to the 5 burrows. I was amazed by how fast we accomplished so much work. Our group plus a high school group packed over 3,000 pounds in only a few hours. It [more…]

Work: Day 1

Today my group went to the Imaculate Conceptions church in the Bronx and helped serve food to the homeless. I would say it was a soup kitchen, but it really wasn’t. We handed their plates out to them and out made it seem just a little more homely. The women who worked and made the [more…]