Another Amazing Day!

I feel like our group is getting spoiled with the sites we’ve gone to. Both places have been wonderful. Today we worked at another soup kitchen, but this time we got the chance to interact with more of the people in need. Everyone was so friendly–workers, the people coming in for meals, everyone. Ms. Cortuse was a sweetheart. She loved serving the plates of food and did it all by herself. She amazed me when she said she had been doing it for about 20 years. Every Tuesday this particular church served breakfast and lunch as well as a snack for later. It was all done by volunteers too. Another worker I got a few minutes to talk with was Mr. Joe Scott. I wish now that I had asked more questions because what I did learn was so interesting. He was originally from Jamaica and joined the British army at age 17. After living in England for ten years, he lived in Hong Kong for three. Once he moved to NYC about forty or fifty years ago he has stayed but I’m sure he’s definitely gained some stories here as well.

Besides the YSOP stuff, our group went to Staten Island by Ferry and saw the beautiful Statue of Liberty and then went to Little Italy. I had THE most amazing chicken and tiramisu of my life (which my poor table group had to listen to me repeat over and over again). I also noticed some shops along the way that I will be stopping at when we go to Chinatown.

Looking forward to tomorrow!


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