Last Day/Night !

Today is sort of bittersweet because it is our last day in New York. I had a GREAT time here and got to see everything that I wanted to see and then some. New York has some of the most amazing attractions and has such a better variety than back home. It is a little [more…]

Hour Children !

Today was our last day volunteering and it is a very bittersweet feeling. My group were fortunate enough to work with kids the last day and the kids were great and sssssooooooo cute They were so friendly and willing to play with us and interact with us with no problem. I loved the history behind [more…]

Chips workday

On our last day of work with YSOP, my group went to chips in Brooklyn. Chips is a shelter and kitchen bit also gives out food to make meals like a pantry. We helped to prepare bags for take home meals and prepared for lunch. When the people got there,a split up into our separate [more…]

Work Site !

The soup kitchen on Wednesday was very interesting and I don’t know how much I liked it. We only worked for an hour which was very surprising. I do think  that the homeless people were very grateful and appreciated all of our help and the food. Overall it was still a good day When we [more…]

last day of volunteering

today my group went to the trinity lutheran church and cut potatoes and bagged onions for a future meal, then we started to serve people coming in. we served 217 people and I was on bagel and juice duty, then we cleaned up and set up shelves for the food pantry. people came in and [more…]

POST from Zach !

On our last day working with YSOP, my team went to Trinity Lutheran Church. Once we got there,we immediately went to work cutting up potatoes, putting onions in bags, sweeping, and stocking shelves. Lunch was already prepared, but we got to serve it and clean up once the people were finished. After lunch was over, [more…]

POST From Zach !

Today our group went to a soup kitchen called CHIPS. While we were there, we helped prepare a meal, dye easter eggs, and then help clean up afterwards.One of the most interesting facts I learned was that their most helpful donations come from school drives. This is because they receive a lot of toiletry items [more…]


C.H.I.P.S. was a great soup kitchen and women’s shelter that housed women from 17-21. Me and my group had a really good time and the people there were very nice and the homeless people were very respectful and polite. The staff welcomed us with open arms and had plenty for us to do and we [more…]

day 3 of volunteering

today my group went to chips in Brooklyn , which was a soup kitchen. I dyed easter eggs then when they guests came, I was on coffee duty. after that we went to union square to get some food before we went back to ysop. when we got there, we got into different groups to [more…]

Workday #3

Today we worked at Chips Soup Kitchen.  Right when we got there we had to set up for lunch.  We got a chance to dye easter eggs for the volunteers to pass out tomorrow.  We served about 90 people altogether which really surprised me because I thought more people would be there since it is [more…]