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Hello all, here is a late edition of Mainstream Green.  As we gear up to welcome back students, everyone gets very busy and things sometimes slip.  Not in the case of this particular blog, but all across campus people are really working hard.

I hate to solely use someone else’s work, but there is a lot to hear and read thanks to NPR.  If you didn’t catch it this morning, this story should shed some light on the value of recycling, and how sometimes recycling’s benefit to the consumer is difficult to see.

Mainstream Green… 1st Edition

Yes, Hello World:

This first edition of “Mainstream Green” is dedicated to a member of the Bearcat family that really knows what “Green” is all about. Nancy Baxter is retiring after 29 years of service; contributing not only to the administration of Northwest, but providing dedicated support for its now long-standing tradition of environmental stewardship. Northwest Missouri State University’s Sustainability Program is the result of years of outreach and the determined efforts of dedicated students, staff, faculty, and administrators. Nancy has been there every step of the way, and for that (as well as many other things around here) she will be missed.

Congratulations Nancy, and Thank You!


The purpose of “Mainstream Green” is to weekly:

  •  Share Northwest Missouri State University’s efforts to promote Sustainability.
  • Lead by example, sharing operational improvements that make sense.
  • Provide readers with information about what is working for us.
  • RECOGNIZE the Students, Staff, and Faculty committed to making the difference.
  • Acknowledge the many partnerships that are so important to this program.

Thanks for Reading!

Thank you Crystal for setting us up.