In the months since this last posted, very few things have changed on this planet of ours. Mother Nature still takes the upper hand when we least expect it; however, science is not completely oblivious when it comes to the frequency and severity of modern weather events. Somehow, in our catch phrase hungry society, someone thought that “global warming” was something people could get behind. If the science is good, or at least reasonable, then of course people will set aside their selfish needs as consumers and embrace a more ecologically sound approach to life. I guess that seems reasonable, but try to sell global warming to a commuter stuck for 20 hrs. in the ice and snow on the highway in Atlanta a couple weeks back… Nothing warm about that.

We hear now that “Climate Change is Real, just look around.” Interestingly, as the current “masters of our world”, we may have come up with a catch phrase that will stick. Unfortunately, we didn’t make that one up. The climate has been shifting since there has been a climate on Earth. Geological events, triggered by nature, are clearly recorded throughout the planet. Einstein said that “Time is an Illusion”. I think the illusion is that we believe we can grasp the vastness of geologic time. For my six year old, everything seemed to have happened “yesterday”, and like a child struggling to understand the concept of “next Tuesday”, humanity consistently views long-term in the framework of centuries and millennia.

Some scientists say that humans have upset the balance, and are responsible for changing our climate. Others, taking a page from the playbook of the tobacco use health risk denial team, point again to “questionable science” or at least the reasonable doubt raised about global warming during the coldest recorded January ever. The Reality Is… that we are the next force of nature. 6 billion humans, regardless of their actions, will impact our planet. For me the only questions are, how long will it take for nature to adapt and will the next climate have room for us?

Anthropocene. Look that one up. Its nothing mysterious, or even contentious.
Heard of “The Sixth Extinction” by Elizabeth Kolbert? I hadn’t either until last night’s Daily Show