Traditions and Transitions

Sustainability is a pretty broad topic, touching just about every aspect of our daily lives.  Behaviors change, and what is “normal” becomes something else.  Conventional wisdom changes according to the people participating.  OK no philosophy lessons today, but there have been a number of changes in our daily lives that recognize the need to stick around for tomorrow.

1979… “I’m not wearing that seatbelt son, people can get burned up in a car accident if they’re strapped in; and besides if we go in the river we won’t be able to get out.”

I think about that conversation that I had with my grandfather and reflect on the real challenges that face people working for change.  How do you provide the necessary experience to educate people to embrace things that may be contrary to what they’ve “just always done”.

In 1982 I rode “The Seatbelt Convincer”…really; a name that only the Fairfax County and Virginia State Police could come up with.  It was the front seat of a cruiser on rails that simulated a 10 mph frontal impact…  Not very fast, but extremely convincing.

What does this have to do with the environment, sustainability, or going GREEN….  Nothing.  Everything.  “Dad! Stop! I can’t get my seatbelt buckled!… “Seatbelt Daddy.”  “Isn’t your seatbelt supposed to be on before we go?”

Conversation, education, and behaviors are the foundations of Conventional Wisdom.  Hopefully being GREEN won’t take three generations, but we can make it happen.  We always do, when armed with experience and knowledge.