Sustainability and Campus Dining

Welcome Back!  By now Bearcat Commons has been up and running for several days, so I’d like to explain some of the measures the University has taken to make that operation more sustainable.  You may have noticed the incredible renovations that have taken place not only in the Union, but the Station and Library as well.  Facility’s Hardscape team really has their work cut out for them, adapting the compost program and continuing to strive for Zero Waste.

“Man those plates are small.”  Is a quote I heard Thursday as I took measurements for the new compost signage in the Commons.  All the better to go trayless… meaning that while it is a little less convenient, that set up has an important effect.  No more trash; in fact, everything that comes from the Commons can now be composted. (Empty your cups, scrape your plates into the designated food scrap hole, and drop your silverware in its hole.)  Will the overall operation require the use of more water?  Yes; however, Aramark Higher Education reported as much as a 25-30% reduction in food waste per person on campuses where dining trays were removed.

Welcome Starbuck’s to Owens Library.  That’s right, the international coffee powerhouse is the center of our library’s brand new “Novel Grounds”.  They are working tirelessly to reduce the environmental impact of their operations worldwide, so we look forward to helping them meet their goals right here at Northwest Missouri State University.  We will be doing our best to capture all the waste produced at what is probably the coolest venue on campus… Sorry Papa John’s.  Which by the way is now located in the Station.

OK, there is way more to sustainability than waste management, but its important for you, students and stake holders, to know that we are working to hold up our end, before we ask you to participate.  Please recycle, and take the time to make environmental stewardship part of your daily routine.

Good Luck with Classes, It’s great to have you back!!