A Sustainable Summer

Welcome to the second edition of Mainstream Green.  This has been a busy summer, and we’re keeping an eye on Waste Management and Energy Conservation as we complete a number of service improvement projects across campus.  Hardscape has been able to capture even more recyclables, extending the value and immediate return on work already under way.

The hundreds of old inefficient light ballasts and wiring being replaced all across campus are not only being kept out of the landfill, they are being recycled and generating a limited financial return.  Thank You to Dan Boyt, Energy Manager, and his crew for there hard work on the campus lighting project.

We would also like to thank the entire Landscape and Sustainability Staff for contributing to all of the projects on campus.  Their demolition work has helped us to capture even more recyclable materials previously lost to the landfill.

Look for our updated recycling totes to hit offices over the next couple of weeks, and look for the premiere of our event recycling bins as we kick off the new year.  Thank You Northwest Regional Solid Waste Management District and The Missouri Department of Natural Resources for providing the matching grants that are so important expanding our recycling efforts.

Want to “Reduce your Paw Print” at home?  Check out these fun composting facts from Keen for Green.