MACURH 2016 Regional Leadership Conference - Nov. 4th - 6th


Leaf Points

The MACURH 2016 Spirit Points, or Leaf Points peepal-leaves-2013as we like to call them, can be earned through various achievements as individuals and as a delegation. Activities that award Leaf Points include participation in both active and passive philanthropy, submitting/performing roll call, bringing a display, submitting a program, presenting a program, social media interactions, acorn scavenger hunt, on-time registration, presenting a Top 10 program, submitting an electronic banner, displaying the five values of the region, and of course showing excitement and enthusiasm for MACURH 2016!

Roll Call

Roll Calls can be performed live at the Opening Ceremonies or be submitted electronically to earn Leaf Points while showing off their school pride. The delegation with the best roll call video or live performance will receive additional Leaf Points and recognition at the Closing Ceremonies. Electronic Roll Calls must be uploaded to YouTube then email the link to The roll calls are due Thursday November 3rd at 7pm. ONE MINUTE TIME LIMIT


An excellent way for delegations to show their school pride is to make a banner including the theme of the conference. As a way to encourage sustainability and stick with a newer tradition, we will once again only be accepting digital banners. Leaf Points will be given to each school that submits an electronic banner on time. The best banner will receive additional Leaf Points for their outstanding creativity and incorporation of their school spirit, regional spirit, and the MACURH regional values. All banners are due electronically to by November 1st at 11:59 pm. The dimensions of the banner must just be able to be attached to an email and successfully sent as a PDF or .jpeg. Winners will be announced at closing ceremonies.


Making displays that show off the creativity of each delegation, their school spirit, and the theme of the conference is a long standing tradition that we are happy to continue. Every delegation will have the opportunity to create their own unique design out of all different types of materials. This year, the dimensions are 2′ x 2′ x 2′ and our challenge this year is to see how “natural” you can get while still being creative. This display should show your creativity yet also show your delegation’s eco-friendliness and connection with nature! Have fun!

Acorn Scavenger Hunt

acorn-clipart-nTE6qMnTAWe will take that opportunity to show off our beautiful campus here at Northwest while helping the delegations use their resources and have some fun. Delegates will have six different locations (3 Friday night and 3 Saturday) to find on our campus, all of which are of special meaning to Northwest. There will be a series of clues released at different times for each one of these acorns. If a delegate finds an acorn, then they can show it to any conference staff member with the location of where it was found and why it is important to Northwest will receive extra points.

Social Media

Leaf Points can be earned by interacting with the Conference Team through various social media forums and competitions. Social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, will be used by the Communications Chair to give updates to delegates and advisers amongst the region. For each interaction a delegate makes using their school’s name and one of our hashtags/handles, their delegation will earn Leaf Points. Every post, question, and challenge will involve our theme of “Planting the Seed for Success”, school spirit, MACURH spirit, and the five values of the MACURH region.

Leaf Points Breakdown


Action Points
1 Top Ten Program 100 / program
Big School / Small School winners:


1 Early Program Submission 25 / submission
1 Regular Program Submission 15 / submission
Winning Roll Call 15
Above 500 boxtops 25 flat 
Per 50 Boxtops (up to 500)
Per 1 oz. Pop Tabs 2
Acorn Found and Photo Verify 20 / acorn & location shared
Per 10 Boxtops (under 50) 1
Big School / Small School winner Banner 10
Photo Scavenger Hunt (per photo, per delegation) 5
1 Social Media Interaction 1 / interaction

Conference Calendar

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