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Northwest Traditions

Northwest is home to more than 6,500 students that come together and help create a beautiful campus by coming together and making bonds.


The Memorial Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is one of the most DSC_0189iconic structures that can be seen, and heard, almost anywhere on campus. Construction on the Bell Tower was completed in 1971 and was made as a memorial for students, faculty, and others who had served the country. In 2004, it went under extensive renovations that involved structural repairs, making it handicap accessible, and replacement of the bells with loud speakers facing in every direction. It is tradition to walk under it right after convocation in order to officially be considered a freshman.

State Arboretum

In 1993, Northwest was declared the Missouri State Arboretum and has been fortunate enough to be able to increase the amount of trees that are planted on campus. Thanks to funding provided by the state, Northwest has been able to bring together so many different species of trees making creating one beautiful campus that is home to many squirrel that are dearly love. Another tradition that feeds into the arboretum identity is the yearly dedication of a tree gifted to the university by each incoming freshman class.  

International Flag Plaza

Northwest has a large 100_1174international student population due to the many partnerships the university has worldwide. International students make up almost 12% of the student population on campus, each with their own unique culture and experiences. It only seems fitting Northwest allow each student to celebrate where they are from and have a place that proudly shows it. Each year, one international student is selected from each country in attendance at Northwest to represent it during the international flag ceremony. Early Homecoming morning, everyone gathers around the flag plaza and cheer on as each country is recognized and has their flag raised.

Bearcat Arena

Bearcat Arena is not only home to Northwest’s men and women’s basketball and women’s volleyball, but is also where a Bearcat starts and ends their undergrad experience. A Bearcat first walks into the arena during their convocation at the start of their freshman year, after which they walk under the Bell Tower. The last time a Bearcat steps foot into the arena, as an undergrad or a graduate, is during their graduation with their fellow class mates.

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