MACURH 2016 Regional Leadership Conference - Nov. 4th - 6th

Meet the Team

Tyana Dahlberg – Conference Chair

Advisor: Beth Little, Complex Director of Millikan, Dieterich, and Phillips

My name is Tyana Dahlberg and I am currently a junior Tyana-resizedtriple major in Special Ed.: Cross Categorical K-12, Elementary Ed., & Chemistry Ed. with a minor in Deaf Studies and a concentration in Elementary School Science. I am a Resident Assistant in Dieterich Hall which is a first year building with a floor of 48 lovely freshmen girls that I adore. In addition to being a Distinguished Voting Member in RHA, I am a member of the Bearcat Chapter of NRHH and participate on the service committee. I love the community and the sense of family that Northwest has, which is why I will continue on to a Graduate Program at Northwest upon my completion of my undergrad in 4 years. There really is no other place I would want to spend 9 years!

Stephanie Robinson – Finance & Dining Chair

Advisor: Mike Miller, Coordinator for First Year Experience and RHA / NRHH Lead Adviser

image2 (3)My name is Stephanie Robinson and I am currently in my senior year pursuing a degree in Financial Services and Management. This summer had an intern at the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City where I gained many new experiences in my field that I will be able to apply at my future job. I was a Resident Assistant for two years, my first year in the sorority hall, and the second year with freshman. For the third consecutive year, I am the Treasurer for Sigma Society where I get to create budget spreadsheets and find creative ways for our organization to save money and spend it more

Bailey Fisher – Programming Chair

Advisor: Billy Steinman, Hall Director of Roberta and FVA Halls

Hello, my name is Bailey Fisher and I am the Bailey-resizedProgramming Chair. I graduated from McCool Junction Public School in Nebraska in 2013. I am a Marketing, International Business, and Spanish triple major. In the spring of 2014, I was the secretary of RHA. I am currently a member of NRHH and I am an ARCH in one of our residence halls, Tower Suites. I am in the Equestrian Club as well as Delta Mu Delta, and the Honors Student Association. I attended MACURH 2013 and 2014 so I am excited to host MACURH 2016 here at Northwest!


Hannah Ankenbauer – Safety, Security, & Transportation Chair

Advisor: Jessie Lundy, Hall Director of Dieterich

Hannah-resizedMy name is Hannah Ankenbauer and I am in my senior year working towards a degree in Political Science and minor in Psychology. I am a Resident Assistant for a floor of freshman girls in Millikan Hall. I also spend my time as a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority, NRHH, and the Newman Catholic Center. I have attended two MACURH & one NACURH Conferences and  have had my heart set on hosting a regional conference ever since I first stepped foot at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.

Carrie Egnatowski – Entertainment & Ceremonies Chair

Advisor: Beth Little, Complex Director of Millikan, Dieterich, and Phillips Halls

My name is Carrie Egnatowski and I am a Carrie-resizedjunior Public Relations Communication major with a minor in Philosophy. I am the secretary for the Bearcat Chapter of NRHH and I am a desk assistant on campus. When I applied for Northwest, I never thought I would have the privilege of experiencing so many opportunities for personal growth and development. I have grown tremendously as a leader and as a person, and I have made some of the most meaningful friendships I have ever had. I have learned so much about myself since starting school here and there is no place I would rather be to live and learn about life!

Emily Bonifas – Housing Chair

Advisor: Scott Shields, Assistant Director of Residential Life

Emily-resizedMy name is Emily Bonifas and I am currently a junior at NWMSU where I am majoring in Secondary English Education and minoring in Communications. I am a Resident Assistant in Franken Hall, a member of the Honors Program, and the Vice President of our Bearcat NRHH chapter. I am always looking for new ways to get involved and expand my leadership skills, and Northwest has given me ample opportunities to do so!


Kody Rawson – Registration & Marketing Chair

Advisor: Paul Bennett, Complex Director of FVA, Roberta, Tower Suites Kody-resziedand the Station

I’m a Marketing major with an emphasis in Organizational Behavior and HR Management. I am currently the President of the Bearcat Chapter of NRHH and a general member of Residence Hall Association and Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society. Northwest has been my home for 3 years and I cannot think of a better place for me to grow and expand my network as a leader. I can’t wait to have all of you here in Maryville!


Baily Fox – Philanthropy Chair

Advisor: Beth Little, Complex Director of Millikan, Dieterich, and Phillips Halls

Baily-resizedMy name is Baily Fox and I am a sophmore majoring in Studio Art with emphasis in Photography and Parks and Recreational Management. I started off my freshman year by joining Hall Council and being the RHA Representative for my building. I’m am excited to learn about your love for education!


Alyssa Lincoln – Spirit & Volunteer Chair

Advisor: Lauren Stehlik, Alyssa-resizedCoordinator of Greek Life

I am a Biology/Psychology major with a Spanish minor. This is my first year at Northwest and I have loved every minute of it. I am involved with Student Senate, as well as the Honors Program and Sigma Society. You can find me nerding out frequently and when I’m not doing just that, I love reading and listening to good music. I am very excited to meet you guys all in Bearcat Country! See you soon!

Christa Lovitt – Sponsor Chair

Advisor: Mike Miller, Coordinator for First Year Experience and RHA / NRHH Lead Adviser

Christa-resizedI am a Marketing major with a minor in Advertising. I am currently a member in Sigma Society and a Student Assistant on campus. I will be going on my third year at Northwest. I have already made so many connections and met so many people and I look forward to meeting more at this conference!





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