MACURH 2016 Regional Leadership Conference - Nov. 4th - 6th


Here you can find information about registering, putting on, and placing for programs! Closer to the submission dates, delegates can come on to the website and read bios about the judges that will be accepting their programs this year.

Programming Registration Opens: NOW!

Programming Registration Closes: EXTENDED to October 26th at 11:59 pm

Programming sheets can be found under the “Registration Information” Tab.

Programming Themes

To go along with our theme, the following themes will be offered at this conference:

  • Sharing the Harvest

As the MACURH 2016 Programming Chair, I wanted to create a programming track that is important and relevant to all campuses that also reflects everything stands for. The Northwest motto, “Once a Bearcat, always a Bearcat,” captures the essence of Northwest: family. The Bearcat family is a huge network of support and this genuine care and concern for all Bearcats is what makes Northwest unique. Service projects are a way for students to support their campus in the same way they would support individuals. The Sharing the Harvest track will allow delegates to share ideas and spread support and service on their own campuses across the region.

  • Nurturing the Seeds of your Community

Building a strong community within residence halls and across campuses is what makes the college experience unforgettable. Programs under this track will allow delegates to present and share ideas for community development.

  • Cultivating a Diverse Garden

Diversity is what makes campus life interesting. Every college campus caters to a wide variety of individuals from all walks of life. Cultivating a Diverse Garden programs are designed to educate delegates on identifying and encouraging understanding of diversity on campuses.

  • Green Thumb Gardeners

Although the differences between students are what make each campus unique, it is the professionals behind the scenes that bring people together. Green Thumb Gardeners programs will give advisors and professionals the opportunity to share ideas with each other to make campus life run smoothly.

  • Growing Green

Northwest is not just a green campus because our school color is green. Sustainability practices are important on our campus and Growing Green programs will allow delegates to present ideas and learn about how to create a greener campus.

  • Beds of Flowers

At some point every individual will work with another person or organization to accomplish their goals. Beds of Flowers programs will offer delegates insight on how to collaborate with others and between organizations.

  • A Gardener’s Guide to Leadership

These programs will focus on leadership development for delegates as well as demonstrations on how to encourage leadership development in others.


If you have a program and you are not quite sure where it fits, don’t hesitate in emailing Bailey Fisher at

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