MACURH 2016 Regional Leadership Conference - Nov. 4th - 6th


Delegations will be awarded points for their participation in both our active and passive philanthropies. Participation in the active philanthropy at MACURH 2016 includes writing positive and encouraging letters to youth in schools about making positive choices in school. To provide an example of this, look for example letters written by you conference team starting in September. The way for delegations to earn points for the passive philanthropies is by collecting pop tabs and Box Tops for Education and then turning them in at MACURH 2016.



Active Philanthropy

Words have an impact. A lot of children are discouraged by those that surround them to not further themselves through education. This year we will be writing open letters about our experiences through education and the amazing opportunities it has given us. We’ll be writing these letters addressed to the junior class of 2018. Junior year is the start of the path to deciding what you want to do with your life after high school. Whether that be a college, a technical school, a certification program or a trade school, improving yourself through education is always worth it. Please join us in our event and write some inspiring letters to children! If we are even able to impact one person’s life then the project would be a success.



Passive Philanthropy

This year we will participate in two different passive unnamed (1)philanthropies. We want to carry on the tradition of doing pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House, but keeping with our pride in education in our school districts and across our region, we are wanting to to also participate in Box Tops for Education. To make collection and tallying easier, we are trying to accept Box Tops in bundles of 50 and Pop Tabs in ounces.



Impacting Schools Around You

You may be wondering with these letters unnamed (2)and Box Tops, how can I impact schools around me, not just in the hosting school district? Well we have the answer for you! When you register your delegation, there will be a section for you to choose 1 school to send your letters and Box Tops.

Conference Calendar

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