MACURH 2016 Regional Leadership Conference - Nov. 4th - 6th


All Breakfast meals will be provided at the delegation’s hotel. We will also be hosting a few hospitality rooms throughout the conference that will also have plenty of snacks.

Campus Dining Services

Northwest Campus Dining is 20150609-greek-grilled-chicken-lemon-oregano-olive-oil-09providing lunch and will be catering a “Create Your Own Italy”, starting with salad, pasta, chicken, meatballs and more. For the banquet dinner, you will have Garlic Herb Grilled Chicken Breast with salad starters, mixed greens, and a Molten Chocolate Cake with berries to finish it all off.

The Northwest Conference team will also be sending you off Sunday morning with a grab and go breakfast for your journey home.

Campus Dining will work on a by-need basis with every delegate with any allergies or intolerance. There will be food available provided by Northwest, already built into delegate costs, for all delegates with special accommodations. All special accommodations needed should be noted at registration to provide adequate time to notify Campus Dining of all dining changes.

Off – Campus Options

For Friday night and any other times, there are options for delegations to go into Maryville to eat some local and fast food options. Keep in mind that since this is a conference, it is likely that these places may be a little busier than usual so your patience is much appreciated. Below is a list of those restaurants: ($=5, $$=10, $$$=12 or above)


Happy Garden (fast casual Chinese) $$

Joy Wok (Chinese buffet) $$

Burger King (Fast Food) $

Dairy Queen (Fast Food) $

KFC (Fast Food) $

Jimmy John’s (Sandwich Shop) $

McDonald’s (Fast Food) $

Sonic (Fast Food) $$

Subway (Sandwich Shop) $$

Taco Bell (Fast Food) $

Taco John’s (Fast Food) $$

La Bonita (Mexican Restaurant) $$

Senor Burrito (Mexican Dine in) $$

Domino’s (Pizza) $$

Pagliai’s Pizza (Pizza Buffet) $$

Pizza Hut (Pizza) $$

Pizza Ranch (Pizza Buffet) $$$

Applebee’s (American Restaurant) $$$

A&G Restaurant (Fine Dining Restaurant) $$$

Carson’s (Sports Grill) $$

Diner 71 (American Diner) $$

Gray’s Oil (Truck Stop Restaurant) $$

Simply Siam (Thai) $$

Conference Calendar

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