Zoom integration into Canvas is here

The exciting news is that ALL full time faculty will be given a Licensed (paid) Zoom account. This means an instructor can hold a meeting of unlimited time with up to 300 attendees. These accounts will be created prior to the beginning of the Fall term, and instructors will be emailed (by Zoom) inviting them to create an account.

The second bit of exciting news is that Zoom has been integrated into Canvas! This gives a great number of advantages, over using Zoom independently, including:

  • Members of the class will automatically be invited to the meeting (you don’t have to worry about doing a distribution list or missing someone who adds the class late).
  • The meeting link will automatically be added into their Canvas calendar.
  • The instructor will be able to tell who attended the meeting (plus what time they entered, and what time they left) by looking at the Zoom Meeting Report

As we realize that Zoom will not be used in all classes, if you want Zoom to appear within your Course Navigation menu, you will need to do the following (for EACH course in which you want it to appear):

  • Open the course you want Zoom added
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Click on the “Navigation” tab
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom menu (just above the Save button) and you will see Zoom
  • Put your mouse over the word Zoom and click the 3 buttons to the right and then click “Enable” from the pop-up menu.

Zoom is now a menu item within your course.

Scheduling a Course Meeting

  • Click on the Zoom menu in the Course Navigation Menu
  • Click “Schedule a New Meeting”
  • You can leave the Topic and Description as they are (or you can change them)
  • For “When” make sure you enter the start date and time of the meeting.
  • For “Duration” enter how long it will go.
  • Under the “Time Zone” menu, there is a check box for “Recurring Meeting” If this meeting is to occur on a regular basis, you can choose that option.
    • You can then schedule it to appear “Daily,” “Weekly,” or “Monthly,” or you can tell it “No Fixed Time” which would make it available at any time.
  • For “Registration” you do NOT need click on “Required”
  • IMPORTANT – Under “Security” make sure you have either a meeting Passcode and/or a Waiting Room. New MOREnet guidelines will REQUIRE either a meeting Passcode or the use of a Waiting Room beginning sometime this Fall.
  • For “Meeting Options,” you can choose which options you would like by putting a checkmark in front of that option.
    • Suggestion, if you plan on recording these sessions, you may want to select “Record the meeting automatically on the local computer”
  • If you will be having a co-host or someone else teaching with you, you can assign them to be an Alternate Host.
    • Note – this cannot be a Student because an Alternate Host needs to have a Licensed Zoom account, and be under the same Zoom “grouping” (for us that is anyone at Northwest).

If you will be using Zoom for meetings with colleagues or for any other purposes not related to a class, you have two options:

  • You can use the “Personal Meeting Room” option.
    1. Near the top of the page within the Zoom mail menu there are four tabs – click on the one labeled “Personal Meeting Room”.
    2. On the line starting with “Join URL”, you can click the “Copy the invitation” hyperlink. A pop-up menu will occur. Click “Copy Meeting Invitation” and it will go into the clipboard on your computer. You can then create an email inviting who you want to the meeting. Copy that information anywhere in the body of the email you send.
  • You can download the Zoom program itself and load it onto your computer. Within Zoom there is a “Schedule” option. In this way you can invite anyone to attend your meeting by simply adding their email address and sending it to them.