Welcome back! Lights, Camera, Learning…

Welcome back faculty!  Lights, Camera, Learning!!  Yes, we will be focusing part of our faculty development on video integration in learning and teaching.  Get ready for some popcorn!

The Learning & Teaching Center is excited to begin this new semester for fall 2019.  During the summer, we have been planning our road map for this next year.  One of our new additions to the faculty professional development series is a Book Club.  This is one suggestion requested by faculty for the upcoming year.  Join the club and discuss new techniques for teaching and learning.  Meetings will be held in the Owens Library Lounge.  Our first book is The Discussion Book:  50 Great Ways to Get People Talking.

Along with a new slate of workshops and activities for our faculty professional development series, we have developed a new initiative called the Learning & Teaching Academy where a cohort of faculty will work on the demo and refresh of a course site with some help from several professional guests.  We will be starting from the foundation and work our way up to a new reveal!  It’s demo day!

We have also acquired a couple of new software packages to assist with learning and teaching.  One is a video package for both faculty and students to use, which includes total integration into Northwest Online along with closed captioning, formative assessment with interactive quizzing, and data analytics to name a few of the functions.

Portfolium is another software package, which is primarily a student-focused software, but has the potential to be used for a variety of initiatives.  It provides Northwest students with access to a professional portfolio tool building upon the profession-based learning initiative.  The key feature of Portfolium is Talent Match.  It provides access to employers needing internships and job positions.  Professional-based activities that are classroom related can be integrated into Portfolium.  If you are interested in learning more about Portfolium and integrating it into your course, sign up for one of the training sessions this fall.

Welcome our new faculty for fall 2019!

new faculty 2019

Fall 2019 New Northwest Faculty

Front Row: Adrienne Isakovic, Karen Britt, Miranda Pollock, Michael Ruberto, Adam Bochart, Sara Taylor, Jason Satchell

Back Row:  Hua Bai, Cynthia Shairer-Kessler, Amy Barton, Brenda Rourke, Bob Bergland, Kelsey Bruno, Giselle Greenidge, Shandy Beck, Jason McCain.

Be sure to read all of our articles in the Learning & Teaching Professional.  We hope you have a great semester!  As always, feel free to contact us if you should need anything.

Dr. Darla Runyon, Director