New Software for Video Recording and Storage – VidGrid

You spoke and we listened! One thing we heard often in the LTC office was that you would use more video in your courses, if it were easier to record and to insert into Northwest Online course sites, as well as to be ADA compliant in terms of Closed Captioning. But of equal importance, you wanted to be able to see if students were actually watching the videos you were spending valuable time producing.

In the past we had tried to solve the storage issue by creating our own Northwest Cloud storage system, but that quickly filled to capacity and we would have needed to purchase additional video servers to continue to do it in-house. In the Spring 2019 semester we began encouraging faculty to use Microsoft Stream which addressed the storage issue (unlimited storage provided by MS) and the Closed Captioning issue (it incorporates machine-based closed captioning) but there was still the issue of ease of recording and the lack of video analytics.

After looking at several video solutions, this Fall we are introducing VidGrid as our video solution based upon its robust features:

  1. Each Faculty member will have a “professional” VidGrid account which will allow for recording of videos within VidGrid, and/or uploading videos you already have into VidGrid
    1. This software is accessible within your Northwest Online course sites under the menu heading “VidGrid Recording”
    2. Videos can be integrated into assignments by embedding them into the assignment itself; however, a quiz may also be done within a VidGrid video, and the graded results will be automatically imported into the Gradebook.
    3. When a video is posted, viewers can “like” and post comments throughout the video. These are timestamped so you can see exactly what area is being referenced.
    4. All videos which are imported into VidGrid, or created within VidGrid, may be Close Captioned using a computer based captioning system which achieves approximately 90% in accuracy. (Instructors may edit the CC file created for greater accuracy.)
    5. VidGrid has analytics built in so instructors can see who has viewed a video and how long they viewed it. This also includes the ability to see how much time all students looked at any particular portion of a video.
    6. Folders can be created within VidGrid to store videos which will make it easier to organize them for use in future terms.
  2. Students will also have VidGrid accounts. Theirs will be more limited in nature but they can still create their own videos and share them with you and others.

We hope you are excited about the implementation of this software. We will have several workshops on VidGrid this fall. We hope you are able to attend one, or you may contact the LTC for additional information.

Mike Grudzinski, Video and Web Conferencing Specialist