New software for profession-based learning: Portfolium

Profession-based learning is one of the foundations of learning at Northwest Missouri State University.  Portfolium is a software for students, which is “the student success network built to showcase the achievements, projects, and competencies of dedicated students to potential employers.”  This new software will be available this fall 2019 for all some of our incoming freshmen to begin using.  They will be able to continue to create a robust resume of skills and examples during their time at Northwest to share with potential businesses for internships and employment opportunities through the Talent Match feature.  If you are interested in using Portfolium, sign up for a training session.  Students will be able to keep these portfolios for life.  The Career Services Office will be focusing on assisting students with Porfolium while the Learning & Teaching Center will be working with faculty on the integration.

Faculty will also have access to Porfolium beginning this fall 2019.  If you are interested in using Portfolilum for your profession-based learning, give us a call or e-mail.  In addition, Portfolium includes the ability to create badges and assign them to projects or activities.  To learn more about Portfolium, sign up for one of the training sessions using the Workshop Registration Tool at  You can also learn more about Portfolium at