New Learning & Teaching Academy to begin this fall 2019

A new Learning & Teaching Academy has been designed for Northwest faculty to work with a cohort of their peers for a semester to refresh a course that will be taught the next term.  Participants will be using the techniques and tools obtained in the academy to complete the course refresh.  A series of modules focused on learning, teaching, and technology will be covered during the academy.  Each faculty member will be provided with a technology toolkit.  A stipend will be provided at the successful completion of the academy.  Badges and a certificate will be awarded to faculty successfully completing and teaching their refreshed course. The first cohort this fall 2019 will consist of all chairs/directors and one faculty member chosen by the chairs/directors.  A new cohort of 22 faculty (two from each department/school) will be selected for the spring 2020 semester.

The academy will provide Northwest faculty with designated time throughout the semester with opportunities to work collaboratively with other faculty from each of the departments/schools.  There will be a scheduled one hour session each month during the semester.  Meetings will be held at the Northwest MO Regional Airport Conference Room.   During the sessions, faculty will have the opportunity to interact with a professional guest who will be presenting information related to a component in the module.  An online course site will be used with modules providing information, materials, and resources for refreshing a course site and course techniques.

Dr. Darla Runyon, Director