Northwest Online (Canvas) Updates: Improvements made to LMS

Over the past year, Northwest Online (Canvas) has been busy making improvements. Some of these improvements, you may have already noticed. Others were implemented this summer.

  1. Quizzes.Next – this is probably the improvement you have heard us talk about the most. They were fully aware of the issues and limitations of the current quiz feature. The project was so massive, they decided to start over from scratch and make something that is more agile for continuous improvements. The new quizzing engine includes some new question types, as well as the ability to set the quiz point value independent of the question point values. At this time, the quizzing engine does not work with LockDown Browser, but this functionality should be coming soon. For more information about Quizzes.Next, check out the online workshop at
  2. Non-scoring Rubrics – Non-scoring rubrics are similar to scoring rubrics we have been using, except now an instructor can create a rubric that doesn’t have any points associated with it. This change allows instructors to help their students focus on the feedback for an assignment instead of the actual point value and improve learning engagement. There is also the option to change the colors for the Learning Mastery Gradebook. For more information about non-scoring rubrics, see the Canvas document
  3. Gradebook Enhancements – The New Gradebook mimics the view of the current Gradebook while including several additional features:
    1. The Gradebook menu displays the various Gradebooks that may be available in a course: Learning Mastery (if enabled), Individual View, and Gradebook History. These Gradebook types have been consolidated in one location.
    2. The View menu includes multiple options to sort and filter assignments.
    3. The Actions menu displays options to Sync to SIS (if enabled), import a Gradebook CSV, or export the Gradebook CSV.These are some of the major changes to Northwest Online over the last year. There are several more features in development. Be sure to follow these new features in the Canvas Community
    4. The new gradebook also offers crosshairs and highlighting for improved orientation. Additionally, each row includes alternating colors to help with navigation. There are more view options, filters, the status colors (late, missing, resubmitted, dropped, and excused) can be changed for your preference. There is an option to add comments directly to the gradebook now, as well as the opportunity to set the number of days late that an assignment is turned in. This is leading to a feature that will allow you to set a late grading policy for your course. While this functionality is not currently available, it is coming. For more information about the new gradebook, be sure to follow the release notes for the new gradebook at